noah’s secret


5000 years ago a plan was conceived.

Things had to change. Perfection was inherently flawed and Noah knew it.

There was no going back once the plan had been set in motion, but Noah wasn't happy when he realised that the truth would wreck the plan. And so the plan became a secret: Noah's Secret.


Following the discovery of a 140 year old Armenian map by Jivan Bayadyan, Alexandria de Vray and her team find eight ancient bodies buried deep in the permanent ice just below the peak of Mount Ararat.

The bodies hold the key to several ancient mysteries but who can be trusted to find the truth? With someone watching, the race is on to find the answers, but can the answers come fast enough as Noah’s plan, conceived 4500 years before, begins to unfold.

This is the real story of the flood and how the human race became what it is today. It also lays the foundations for revealing what really happened 2000 years ago, and, more importantly for those of us alive today... just what is going to happen within our lifetimes.

The truth is within our grasp... but we may not like where it is leading us!

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